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Property management fees and services

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Fee Structure
Property Management Services

Property Management Fee Structure

We will discuss with you the best option for your situation. All aspects of management are included in the fee for example – advertising, credit checks, inspections. There is no additional fee for work arranged – healthy home compliance, repair & maintenance.

Rental Managers is committed to providing a cost effective property management service for landlords in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt.

The following services are all included within our management fee:

• Promotion of your property via our website
• Tenant screening and selection
• Bond collection and lodgement
• Rent collection
• Payment of rent collected and financial reporting monthly
• Arrangement of property repairs and maintenance as required and agreed
• Rent reviews
• Arrears and dispute management

Property Management Services

Rental Managers is dedicated to providing an efficient and cost effective property and tenant management service to our clients in the Wellington, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt regions.

Property Management services we offer:

1. Property Advertising
2. Tenant Selection
3. Setting and Maintaining Market Rents
4. Rent Collection
5. Arrears Management
6. Regular Inspections
7. Maintenance Services
8. Financial Management and Reporting

9. Customer Service

1. Property Advertising (Back to Top)

We will advertise your property to attract tenants through our website. We also utilize other avenues of advertising to attract prospective tenants such as TradeMe.

2.Tenant Selection (Back to Top)

We carry out a defined process when selecting tenants for your property. To ensure a suitable tenant is selected we will

 – Interview the tenant 
- Completion of a Tenancy agreement
 – Complete reference and credit checks on successful applicants.
Once a suitable tenant has been selected we will collect the bond, complete the tenancy agreement and ensure the tenant has a smooth transition moving into your property.

3. Setting and Maintaining Market Rent (Back to Top)

We regularly review property market rents and will initiate any rental increases on your behalf as the market changes. At the same time we will also indicate to the owner if a rental reduction is required to ensure your property is tenanted with maximum occupancy.

4. Rent Collection (Back to Top)

Rent is automatically paid by tenants into our rental account which we monitor daily via our property management database. We also collect bonds and forward these to the Bond Centre in accordance with Residential Tenancies Act 1986/2010.

5. Arrears Management (Back to Top)

We have a zero tolerance policy on rental arrears which is identified automatically by our rental account management system. We will act promptly on your behalf to resolve any arrears with recovery proceedings beginning as soon as rent is one day late.
We will represent you at Tenancy Tribunal Hearings as your Agent.

6. Regular Inspections (Back to Top)

We undertake regular inspections at intervals indicated on your tenancy agreement.

Our property inspections are to ensure that there are no maintenance issues and that the tenant is looking after the property to the standard we expect. We own and invest in property like our clients and understand the importance of regular inspections. We also take photos at each inspection for our records and carry out an inspection report which advises you of any maintenance issues and concerns regarding the condition of the property.

7. Maintenance Services (Back to Top)

We organise any property maintenance on your behalf up to a set monetary value agreed to. We will at your request go ahead and get quotes for any other work that may be required.
We have a team of professional tradesman who we use regularly. We monitor the property maintenance closely to ensure that the work being carried out is done to a high standard and is completed on time.

8.Financial Management and Reporting (Back to Top)

All rent received (less expenses) is transferred into your account on a monthly basis.
We provide a comprehensive statement detailing your rental income and expenses for the month. We also send any maintenance invoice copies for your records. We encourage our clients to utilise email for receiving statements, however you can be posted a hardcopy if required.

Our monthly statements contain all the information necessary to file your tax returns efficiently. We also provide a summary statement at the end of each financial year.

9. Customer Service (Back to Top)

We maintain close contact with our clients and will communicate with you directly on any issues relating to the management of your property.

We also keep in touch with tenants regularly through our inspections. We treat tenants as our customers and deal with them consistently and fairly. By establishing strong relationships with our tenants we minimise potential disputes, arrears, or other problems.

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