Landlord  FAQs

We regularly obtain statistics from Trade Me for Viewing Tracker and find that viewings set between 4 pm and 6 pm get a significant increase in bookings versus viewings undertaken before 4 pm. We have found that the most popular times are Monday to Thursday 4 pm to 6 pm. Saturday 11.00 am to 1.00 pm. If  day viewings are required we have found that Wednesday 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm works best.

All clients are paid out at month end (which means the first working day of the next month). The reason we payout at month end is because if any maintenance occurs during the month we will have sufficient funds to pay our creditors for the work they do.

We do understand that for some clients it is an absolute requirement for them to get mid month payouts and we are more than happy to work with you if this is required.

You can check our testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about our services. We receive great testimonials from both landlords and tenants, this is because we believe that both are important to us. Building strong relationships  play a vital part in the smooth management of  properties.

No we do all our statements electronically. This enables us to get your statements to you immediately at month end (first working day of the next month). We do have a couple of clients who do not have a computer and we are happy to assist and send hard copy statements out in these situations.

Inspections are undertaken at the start and end of each tenancy and at 12 weekly interviews as required by most insurance companies. The management option you have selected will have a bearing on the charge of each inspection.

We like to advertise 4-6 weeks prior to the end of a tenancy, or as soon as practical  as tenants on a periodic tenancy only need to give 21 days notice to end a tenancy. We advertise your property on our properties for rent page , Trade Me and Homes.co.nz. Generally we get sufficient traffic from these three main sources to be able to find you a suitable tenant for your property. For large  value properties with a high rent we tend to feature and boost the listings attracting more interest in the property. Some high value properties may take a little longer to rent as the target tenant base is smaller.

We collect the maximum bond allowed under the RTA. By collecting a 4 week bond we are able to protect you as the owner if the tenant defaults on their rent or if they cause any damage to the property.  When renting out rooms in a Boarding House situation we may take a 2 week bond. Pet bonds are not allowed under the RTA. All bonds collected are lodged with Tenancy Services as required under the RTA.

The simple answer is EASY.

We have designed this process to be straightforward , uncomplicated and stress free for you as a property owner.

When looking to join the Rental Manager team you will need to sign our management authority form . We will then give notice to your current property management company on your behalf and take care of everything from there.

We will contact the property management company and get a final date for handover (usually handover happens within 4 weeks depending on their contract requirements). We obtain the tenants contact details, payment structure, up to date rent ledger, copies of all tenancy agreements, the entry report, insulation statement and much more.

We contact the tenants to let them know that they are now being looked after by the Rental Manager team. We go through the hand over process and ask them to change their rental payments as from the hand over date. We book an appointment to meet with them and go through what is required from them under our management.

With Rental Managers looking after your property we are sure that everything will go smoothly when we take control.

We differentiate ourselves in several ways:

  • When becoming part of the Rental Manger team you do not only have one person looking after you. You benefit from the expertise and experience of our whole team who work diligently for you.
  • We have international property management experience and a team with a long history in property.
  • We have our own in house maintenance team allowing general maintenance issues to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We will discuss with you the best option for your situation. All aspects of management are included in the fee for example – advertising, credit checks, and inspections. There is no additional fee for work arranged – healthy home compliance, repair & maintenance.