Landlord and Tenant FAQs

Landlords FAQ

How much does it cost to get my property managed?

Our fee structure is very straight forward with no hidden costs. Our fees are as follows:

  • 8% + GST on rent received
  • $99 for TradeMe advertising
  • $50 + GST for inspections
  • $20 if we lodge a tribunal application

Find out more about our property management fees here

How are you different from every other property management company that claims to do what you do?

We differentiate ourselves in several ways:

  • We ALWAYS pay out on time!
  • We have lived in the Wellington region for a very long time so know the area very well
  • We are a close-knit team and this is not just a job, but it is also our passion
  • We use the latest technology online which improves our processes and therefore enables us to keep our prices down
  • We own investment property so we understand what it means to be a landlord, and therefore we can relate to our client’s needs that much better

I am looking to change Property Managers. What do I need to do?

This process can be very easy and stress free for you as a property owner. Around 20% of our business is from property owners who are dissatisfied with their current property management company and once they come to us they do not leave.

In the past 5 years we have lost ZERO business from owners being dissatisfied from our service.

When looking to come over to us, we get you to sign our management authority form and to give notice to your current property management company. We will do everything from there.

We will contact the property management company and get a final date for handover (usually handover happens within 4 weeks depending on their contract requirements). Then we get an update on where the tenant is with their rent and what date will be their last payment. We will contact the tenant to give them our details to swap the rent over at the correct date and we will do a change of landlord form with the current manager.

On the day of handover we will ask the current property manager for all the files and ask specific questions with regards to where the property is currently at.

Everything will go smoothly when we take control because we follow a set process so that all the correct steps can be followed at the right time.

When will I get paid each month?

All clients are paid out at month end (which means the first working day of the next month). The reason we payout at month end is because if any maintenance occurs during the month we will have sufficient funds to pay our creditors for the work they do.

We do understand that for some clients it is an absolute requirement for them to get mid month payouts and we are more than happy to work with you if this is required. We want to accommodate our clients as much as possible so please do let us know if there will be an issue with only having month end payouts.

How do you advertise a property when it becomes vacant?

4-6 weeks out or as soon as practical (tenants only need to give 21 days notice to vacate when on a periodic tenancy) we will advertise your property on our properties for rent page and on TradeMe. Generally we get sufficient traffic to these two sources to be able to find you a suitable tenant for your property. Some owners do like extra advertising like putting it in the local paper. We can organise this for you but it will be at the your cost.

How often do you do inspections and do they cost?

As part of our service to you as an owner we will do the initial inspection (when a tenant moves in) and the exit inspection (when they leave) at no charge.

Routine inspections which are carried out every 3-6 months are charged at $50 + GST. We encourage our clients to find out from their insurance company how often they are required to have their inspections carried out as some do require them to be 3 monthly minimum.

Do you do viewings in the weekend if a property is vacant?

Yes – unlike other property management companies, we are more than happy to do viewings for your property in the weekend to show prospective tenants through. Not all potential tenants can get time off work during the week and therefore we will do viewings in the weekend to meet their needs.

Do you send paper statements?

No we do all our statements electronically. This enables us to get your statements to you immediately at month end (first working day of the next month). We do have a couple of clients who do not have a computer and we are happy to assist and send hard copy statements out in these situations.

How much bond do you require when you take on a new tenant?

We always get 4 weeks unless directed to otherwise by the owner. By getting a 4 week bond we are able to protect you as the owner if the tenant decides to stop paying rent or if they cause any damage.

Do you have any references I can check to see how well you manage your clients’ properties?

You can check our testimonials page to see what our clients have to say. If you want to speak to them personally, please contact us and we can put you in touch with a couple who will be able to tell you about the quality of service that we offer

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