I am looking to change Property Managers. What do I need to do?

This process can be very easy and stress free for you as a property owner. Around 20% of our business is from property owners who are dissatisfied with their current property management company and once they come to us they do not leave.

In the past 5 years we have lost ZERO business from owners being dissatisfied from our service.

When looking to come over to us, we get you to sign our management authority form and to give notice to your current property management company. We will do everything from there.

We will contact the property management company and get a final date for handover (usually handover happens within 4 weeks depending on their contract requirements). Then we get an update on where the tenant is with their rent and what date will be their last payment. We will contact the tenant to give them our details to swap the rent over at the correct date and we will do a change of landlord form with the current manager.

On the day of handover we will ask the current property manager for all the files and ask specific questions with regards to where the property is currently at.

Everything will go smoothly when we take control because we follow a set process so that all the correct steps can be followed at the right time.

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