How easy is it to change my property over to Rental Managers ?

The simple answer is EASY.

We have designed this process to be straightforward , uncomplicated and stress free for you as a property owner.

When looking to join the Rental Manager team you will need to sign our management authority form . We will then give notice to your current property management company on your behalf and take care of everything from there.

We will contact the property management company and get a final date for handover (usually handover happens within 4 weeks depending on their contract requirements). We obtain the tenants contact details, payment structure, up to date rent ledger, copies of all tenancy agreements, the entry report, insulation statement and much more.

We contact the tenants to let them know that they are now being looked after by the Rental Manager team. We go through the hand over process and ask them to change their rental payments as from the hand over date. We book an appointment to meet with them and go through what is required from them under our management.

With Rental Managers looking after your property we are sure that everything will go smoothly when we take control.

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